Sunday, September 14, 2014

Migrating parameter files between Galacticus versions

The names and allowed values of parameters often change between versions of Galacticus - due to changes in naming conventions, attempts to unify parameter names, and changes in the structure of the code.

To permit easy and error-free migration between versions a script is provided to translate parameter files from earlier to later versions - preserving the layout of your parameter file, including comments. To migrate a parameter file simply use:

scripts/aux/ parameters.xml newParameters.xml

By default, this script will translate from the previous to the current version of Galacticus. If your parameter file contains a version element then this will be used to determine which version of Galacticus the parameter file was constructed for. The migration script will then migrate the parameter file through all intermediate versions to bring it into compliance with the current version. You can also specify input and output versions directly:

scripts/aux/ parameters.xml newParameters.xml --inputVersion 0.9.0 --outputVersion 0.9.3

will convert parameters.xml from version 0.9.0 syntax to version 0.9.3 syntax.

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